Campus Facilities

The campus of ABV-IIITM is complete in every way making learning a trouble-free and pleasant experience. As study programs of this institute are exclusively residential, care has been taken to look after learners well. Every attempt has been made to make staying of students comfortable and stress-free.

Mess and Canteen
Each hostel has a mess offering breakfast, lunch and dinner. Food is prepared from fresh ingredients and in wholesome manner such that health of boarders is not impaired. Messes are fitted with purifiers to provide contamination free water.
Apart from the four messes attached to the hostels, a canteen housed in the administrative block serves snacks, beverages, bakery items, and ice cream from morning till late in the evening. This canteen in addition to students serves faculty members, research scholars, staff and guests. Items sold in this canteen are fresh and reasonably priced.

Stationery and Photocopy
Block B of Academic building houses this institute’s stationery and photocopy section. This centre stays open during normal class hours from 9am till 6pm. Together with offering photocopying facilities; this store sells paper, notebooks, registers, writing materials and so on.

Medical Centre and Dispensary
Medical centre of this institute is manned by qualified medical professionals and trained nurses. The centre is equipped to tackle usual illnesses and offer initial treatment for more serious ailments. An ambulance is there to provide transportation to patients. Medicines for common ailments are offered free of cost to learners, teachers, and staff.

Civic Amenities
Post office and a nationalised commercial bank within the institute premise is a great advantage to its students, research scholars, faculty, staff members and even visitors. This institute also provides bus service from campus gate to main centres of Gwalior city free of cost.

LAN and Internet
All rooms of the institute including those in administrative block, academic blocks, hostels, faculties’ residences, and guest houses are Internet accessible. Entire campus is networked while hostel rooms enjoy wireless Internet connectivity.