List of Faculty

  • List of Faculty and their Expertise 

Rajendra Sahu                                     ([email protected])

PhD (IIT-Kgp)

(e-Business, Financial Services, SCM, Data Mining)

G.K.Sharma                                ([email protected])

Ph.D. (Roorkee Univ.)

(CAD of VLSI, AI, Parallel & Distributed Computing, Network & Security)

S. Tapaswi                                       ([email protected])

Ph.D. (IIT-R)

(Image Databases, Computer Networks, Mobile Computing)

Anupam Shukla                  ([email protected])


(Soft Computing, AI, Speech Processing, Biomedical and Bio-informatics)

Aditya Trivedi                                    ([email protected])

Ph.D. (IIT-R)

(Digital communication, CDMA systems, Signal processing, and Networking)


M. Bhattacharya                                   ([email protected])

Ph.D. (Calcutta Univ.)

(Medical image processing, soft computing, pattern recognition, artificial intelligence)

Pramod Kumar Singh                     ([email protected])


(Soft Computing, Multi-objective Optimization, Computer Networks, Data Mining)

Karm Veer Arya                               ([email protected])


(Image Processing, Biometrics, Fault Tolerance Computing, Wireless Adhoc Networks, Secure  Image Transmission, Signal Processing)

Manisha Pattanaik           ([email protected])

Ph.D. (IIT Kgp)

Leakage power reduction of nanoscale CMOS circuits, characterization of logic circuit techniques for low power/low voltage and high performance analog and digital VLSI applications and CAD of VLSI

Ritu Tiwari                                     ([email protected])

Ph.D.(NIT Raipur)

(Biometrics, Robotics, Soft Computing and Bio- Medical Engineering)

K K Pattanaik                              ([email protected])


Grid and Distributed Computing, Mobile Computing

M. Patwardhan                                  ([email protected])

Ph.D. (Jiwaji)

(Human Resource Management, Organizational Behavior, General Management)

Naval Bajpai                                       ([email protected])

Ph.D. (RSU)

(Business Statistics, Business Research Methods, OB, Consumer Behavior, Marketing Research)

Gaurav Agrawal                                 ([email protected])

Ph.D. (BU)

International Business Management, Strategic Management, Financial Management, Management Accounting, Time Series Analysis

Gyan Prakash                                     ([email protected])


Supply Chain Management, Information Systems

Pradip Swarnakar                                     ([email protected])

Ph.D (IIT-K)

Environmental Sociology, Risk Perception , ICT for Development, Sociology of New Media and Internet

Manoj Dash                                 ([email protected])

Ph.D. (BU, Orissa)

Econometrics,    Managerial           Economics, Entrepreneurship, Macro Economics, Research Methodology, Mktg Research, Consumer Behavior

Anurag Shrivastava                     ([email protected])

Ph.D.(Barkatullah Univ)

(Material Modeling, Nano Science & Technology, Content Digitization in Indian language, IT localization).

Joydip Dhar                                             ([email protected])

Ph.D (IIT-K)

(Industrial Mathematics; Mathematical Modelling and Simulation in Environmental, EMS, Management systems; Financial Mathematics and Fuzzy logic applications)

Pankaj Shrivastava                    ([email protected]) Ph.D. (Allahabad Univ.)

(Solid State Physics, Nanotechnology, Quantum computing & Information, nanoelectronics)


Ajay Kumar                               ([email protected])

Ph.D (IIT-R)

Reliability, Statistics, Fuzzy Sets and Fuzzy Logic, Optimization, and Soft Computing


Vinay Singh                                ([email protected])

Ph.D (IIT-K)

Agile and Strategic approach in Business Management,  IT for Business, ERP System, MIS, ITES, Software Project Management, Innovation and Entrepreneurship, Data Mining and Knowledge Management


Vishal Vyas                               ([email protected])

Ph.D (Vikram University, Ujjain)

Financial Risk Management, Behavioural Finance, Project Feasibility and Finance, Derivatives, Portfolio Management, and Investment Analysis

W Wilfred Godfrey                   

([email protected])

Ph.D (IIT, Guwahati)

Artificial Intelligence- Robotics, Soft Computing, Multi-Agent Systems, Machine Learning



  • Adjunct Faculty/Fellow

Prof. N K Sharma                                                                                                 

Professor, Deptt. of I&M Engg,

IIT Kanpur                                                                      


Prof. H M Gupta 

Professor in Electrical Engg. IIT Delhi

Prof. Kripa Shanker,

Emeritus Fellow

IIT Kanpur  

Dr. D P Agarwal                                              

Ex Chairman UPSC

 New Delhi

Prof. Prem Pyara                                                              

Professor (Retd.)

Head of Electrical Engg. Deptt.

Dayabagh Educational Institute, Agra (UP)                                                   

Dr. VSR Krishnaiah

Senior Technical Director (Scientist –F),

NIC, GoI, New Delhi