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Research Areas

List of Faculty and their Expertise  


Sri Niwas Singh  (snsingh@iiitm.ac.in, director@iiitm.ac.in)

Ph.D. (IIT-K)

Electricity Market & Economics HVDC Transmission & FACTS Technology Wind & Solar Forecasting Power Power System Operation & Control Active Distributed System & Smart Grid AI Applications in Power Systems. Power Quality

Rajendra Sahu (rsahu@iiitm.ac.in)

Ph.D. (IIT-Kgp)

e-Business, Financial Services, SCM, Data Mining

G.K.Sharma (gksharma@iiitm.ac.in)-(Retired)

Ph.D. (Roorkee Univ.)

CAD of VLSI, AI, Parallel & Distributed Computing, Network & Security 

S. Tapaswi (stapaswi@iiitm.ac.in)

Ph.D. (IIT-R)

Image Databases, Computer Networks, Mobile Computing 

Anupam Shukla (anupamshukla@iiitm.ac.in)


Soft Computing, AI, Speech Processing, Biomedical and Bio-informatics

Aditya Trivedi (atrivedi@iiitm.ac.in)

Ph.D. (IIT-R)

Digital communication, CDMA systems, Signal processing, and Networking

M. Bhattacharya (mb@iiitm.ac.in)

Ph.D. (Calcutta Univ.)

Medical image processing, soft computing, pattern recognition, artificial intelligence

Pramod Kumar Singh (pksingh@iiitm.ac.in)


Nature-Inspired Computing, Evolutionary Multi-Objective Optimization, Data Mining, Machine/Deep Learning, Natural Language Processing, and Health Informatics.

Karm Veer Arya (kvarya@iiitm.ac.in)


Image Processing, Biometrics, Fault Tolerance Computing, Wireless Adhoc Networks, Secure  Image Transmission, Signal Processing

Manisha Pattanaik (manishapattanaik@iiitm.ac.in)

Ph.D. (IIT Kgp)

Leakage power reduction of nanoscale CMOS circuits, characterization of logic circuit techniques for low power/low voltage and high performance analog and digital VLSI applications and CAD of VLSI


K K Pattanaik (kkpatnaik@iiitm.ac.in)


Grid and Distributed Computing, Mobile Computing


M. Patwardhan (manojp@iiitm.ac.in)

Ph.D. (Jiwaji)

Human Resource Management, Organizational Behavior, General Management

Naval Bajpai (nbajpai@iitm.ac.in)

Ph.D. (RSU)

Business Statistics, Business Research Methods, OB, Consumer Behavior, Marketing Research

Gaurav Agrawal (gaurav@iiitm.ac.in)

Ph.D. (BU)

International Business Management, Strategic Management, Financial Management, Management Accounting, Time Series Analysis

Gyan Prakash (gyan@iiitm.ac.in)


Supply Chain Management, Information Systems

W Wilfred Godfrey (godfrey@iiitm.ac.in)

Ph.D (IIT, Guwahati)

Artificial Intelligence- Robotics, Soft Computing, Multi-Agent Systems, Machine Learning

Manoj Dash (manojdash@iiitm.ac.in)

Ph.D. (BU, Orissa)

Econometrics, Managerial  Economics, Entrepreneurship, Macro Economics, Research Methodology, Mktg Research, Consumer Behavior

Anurag Shrivastava (anurags@iiitm.ac.in)

Ph.D.(Barkatullah Univ)

Material Modeling, Nano Science & Technology, Content Digitization in Indian language, IT localization.

Joydip Dhar (jdhar@iiitm.ac.in)

Ph.D (IIT-K)

Industrial Mathematics; Mathematical Modelling and Simulation in Environmental, EMS, Management systems; Financial Mathematics and Fuzzy logic applications

Pankaj Shrivastava (pankajs@iiitm.ac.in)

Ph.D. (Allahabad Univ.)

Solid State Physics, Nanotechnology, Quantum computing & Information, nanoelectronics

Ajay Kumar  (ajayfma@iiitm.ac.in)

Ph.D (IIT-R)

Reliability, Statistics, Fuzzy Sets and Fuzzy Logic, Optimization, and Soft Computing

Vinay Singh (vsingh@iiitm.ac.in)

Ph.D (IIT-K)

Agile and Strategic approach in Business Management,  IT for Business, ERP System, MIS, ITES, Software Project Management, Innovation and Entrepreneurship, Data Mining and Knowledge Management

Vishal Vyas (vishal@iiitm.ac.in)

Ph.D (Vikram University, Ujjain)

Financial Risk Management, Behavioural Finance, Project Feasibility and Finance, Derivatives, Portfolio Management, and Investment Analysis

Dr. Anuraj Singh (anuraj@iiitm.ac.in)

Ph.D. (IIT-Roorkee)

Mathematical Modeling, Nonlinear Dynamical Systems, Computational Biology, Control Theory, Information Security

Dr. Saumya Bhadauria (saumya@iiitm.ac.in)

Ph.D. (IIT-Indore)

Computer Organization and Architecture, Information security, Network security, Optimization techniques

 Dr. Gaurav Kaushal (kaushalg@iiitm.ac.in)

PhD (IIT, Roorkee)

Microelectronics, Device Modelling, Low Power Circuit, Radiation Hardened Memory Design, Analog Circuits

Dr. Santosh Singh Rathore (santoshs@iiitm.ac.in)

Ph.D. (IIT Roorkee)

Predictive Modeling in Software Engineering, Software Fault Prediction, Empirical Software Engineering, Applied Machine Learning, Web Services

Dr. Pinku Ranjan (pinkuranjan@iiitm.ac.in)

Ph.D. (Indian Institute of Technology IIT (ISM), Dhanbad)

Wireless communication, Design of Antenna for biomedical Applications, 5G Application, Wearable Applications, IOT Device and its applications, Multi band hybrid antenna, MIMO antenna, DRA, RCS Reduction, CP antenna, Machine Learning

Dr. Somesh Kumar (somesh@iiitm.ac.in)

Ph.D. in Electrical Engineering (IIT Ropar, Punjab)

Design and Fabrication of high-speed chip-chip and 3D interconnects, 3D Integration and TSVs, Graphene based nanoelectronic devices and interconnects, 3D IC design, Interconnect architecture for Network-on-chips, Flexible Devices.

Dr.Sunil Kumar (snk@iiitm.ac.in)

Ph.D. (IIT Guwahati)

Signal Processing, Image Processing and Computer Vision, Pattern Recognition and Artificial intelligence.

Dr. Debanjan Sadhya (debanjan@iiitm.ac.in)


Biometric security, identification, Data privacy, Information Security

Dr. Binod Prasad (binod@iiitm.ac.in)

Ph.D. (NIT Durgapur)

Cognitive radio network, Cooperative communication, RF energy harvesting

Dr. Arun Kumar (arunkumar@iiitm.ac.in)

Ph.D. (ABV-IIITM, Gwalior)

Customer Relationship Management, Consumer Behavior, Service Quality, Business Excellence, E-learning, Retailing


Dr. Vinal Patel (vp@iiitm.ac.in)

Ph.D. (IIT Gandhinagar), Post-Doc (ISVR, University of Southampton, UK)

Adaptive Signal Processing, Active Noise Control, Hearing Aid Design, Digital Image Processing, Array Signal Processing, Machine Learning and Neural Network.

Dr. Jeevaraj S (jeevaraj@iiitm.ac.in)

Ph.D. (NIT Tiruchirappalli)

Fuzzy Mathematics, Soft Computing, Fuzzy Decision Making, Fuzzy Information System, Fuzzy and Intuitionistic Fuzzy Approximation, Similarity Measures, Aggregation Operators.

Dr. Amandeep Kaur  (amandeepkaur@iiitm.ac.in)

Ph.D. (NIT Hamirpur)

Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, Business Intelligence, Big Data Analysis, IoT

Dr. Alok Kumar Kamal (kamal@iiitm.ac.in)

Ph.D. (Indian Institute of Technology Patna)

Modelling and simulation of nanoscale transistors and memories, steep switching devices, capacitorless DRAM, and device-circuit co-simulation design for neuromorphic applications

Dr. Amrendra Singh Yadav (asy@iiitm.ac.in)

Ph.D. (MNNIT Allahabad)

Blockchain Technology, Consensus Algorithms, Distributed Ledger Technology, Distributed Systems, Cloud Computing, and Computer Network

Dr. Pragya Shukla (pragya@iiitm.ac.in)

PhD (IIT BHU, Varanasi)

Functional Analysis, Pseudo-Differential Operators, Integral Transforms, Distribution theory, Wavelet analysis.

Dr. Anuja Dixit (adixit@iiitm.ac.in)

Ph.D. (IIT (ISM) Dhanbad)

Multimedia Information Authentication, Multimedia Security, Document Authentication, Medical Image Authentication, Digital Image Processing, Signature Authentication, Digital Image and Video Forensics

Dr. Avadh Kishor (akishor@iiitm.ac.in)

Ph.D. (IIT Roorkee)

Algorithmic Game Theory, Multi-Agent Systems, Resource Allocation, Multi-Objective Optimization

Dr. Rakash Chaudhary (rakeshc@iiitm.ac.in)

Ph.D. from IIT (ISM), Dhanbad

Dielectric resonator antennas, metamaterials, circularly Polarized and high gain antennas, EBG Structures, MIMO, AMC Structures, millimeter wave antennas

Dr. Kapil Kant (kapil@iiitm.ac.in)

Ph.D. (IIT Kharagpur)

Numerical Functional Analysis, Approximation Theory

Dr. Maherndra Kumar Shukla (mahendra@iiitm.ac.in)

Ph.D. (IIIT Allahabad)

Wireless Communication, Cooperative relaying, NOMA, Energy Harvesting, Physical Layer Secrecy, Cyber Physical Systems

Dr.Praveen Kumar Singya (praveens@iiitm.ac.in)

Ph.D. (IIT Indore, India), Postdoc (KAUST, Saudi Arabia)

Wireless Communications, Free-Space Optics (FSO) Communication, TeraHertz (THz) Communication, Integrated Access and Backhaul (IAB), Hybrid Terrestrial-Satellite Communication, High Altitude Platforms (HAPs), Intelligent Reflecting Surfaces (IRS).

Dr Sandesh Jain (sandesh@iiitm.ac.in)

Ph.D. (IIT Indore, India), Postdoc (IISc Bangalore, India)

Adaptive Signal Processing, Machine Learning over reproducing kernel Hilbert space, Wireless Communications, Visible Light Communication, Ultraviolet Communication, Massive-MIMO, and Signal Processing and Performance Analysis of Next-Generation Wireless C

Dr Anjali (anjali.it@iiitm.ac.in)

Ph.D. (IIIT Allahabad)

Time series analysis, data mining, machine learning, deep learning.

Dr Narinder Singh Punn (nspunn@iiitm.ac.in)

Ph.D. (IIIT Allahabad)

Computer vision, Biomedical image processing, Image classification, Image segmentation, Object detection

Dr Pragya Swami (pswami@iiitm.ac.in)

Ph.D. (IIT Indore, India), Postdoc (IIT Delhi, India)

Next generation wireless networks, Non-orthogonal multiple access (NOMA), Heterogeneous Networks, Hybrid networks, Energy Harvesting, Millimetre wave communication, Simultaneous wireless information and power transfer (SWIPT), Intelligent reflecting surfaces



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