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Rules for Change of Branch @ ABV-IIITM Gwalior w.e.f 2022 admissions in B Tech / IMT and IMG batch

Rules for Change of Branch @ ABV-IIITM Gwalior 

The option for branch change is given to the second-year meritorious students ABV-IIITM Gwalior The change      of branch among the students having similar eligibility qualification may be allowed based on merit of B.Tech. (CSE)/IMT/IMG first year examination (effective from 2022 admissions) as per following rules: 

  1. Branch change option shall be allowable upon the consideration of academic merit at the end of the first year (I & II Semester), after taking into consideration the conduct of the student AND shall be independent of the category of the student. No reservation rules shall therefore apply under this option.
  2. A notification to this effect shall be made by the Academic Section of the Institute, after the First-Year results of the B.Tech. (CSE)/IMT/IMG Degree Programmes are declared, and the desirous student shall have to apply for the same (in prescribed form given in Annexure-I), to be considered for Branch Change option.
  3. After change of branch the number of students in that branch should not fall below the sanctioned intake by more than 10% and should not go above the sanctioned intake. For this purpose, the intake refers to the total sanctioned intake in the class exclusive of students from DASA and Study in India

If fee waiver student applies for branch change and he is allotted new branch, then such student will have to forfeit the status of Fee Waiver given to him, and student will have to submit full fees from odd semester of second year onwards. However, the merit-cum-mean scholarship will continue in the new branch too.

  1. The option for branch change is applicable for all those students who have registered in Tech. (CSE)/IMT/IMG first year and fulfil following conditions:
    1. Students should have passed their examinations (Semester-1 and -2) in one attempt (without any F-grade)
    2. Student should NOT have dropped any course of the first year.
    3. Student must have scored a CGPA greater than or equal to 00, based upon all the prescribed Credits for the respective first year.
    4. Conduct of the student in the first year at the Institute should be blemish free.
  2. Maximum number of students permitted to change the branch shall be top 10% of the students’ sanctioned intake in first year in their respective branch as per clause 3.
  3. Branch change in second year shall be strictly in accordance with the branch merit list prepared by the Institute based on cumulative grade point average (CGPA) obtained by a student in the first year.
  4. In case of "tie" of first year CGPA, the decision shall be taken based upon the Common Rank List (CRL) of the students concerned in the qualifying entrance examination (presently the JEE Mains Examination), based upon which the initial admission was granted into the B.Tech. (CSE)/IMT/IMG Degree Program. Student having rank higher than the other shall be given the option first. (e.g., between the CRLs 2451 and 2651, the rank 2451 is treated as the higher rank).
  5. Branch change in second year shall be made only against clear vacancy (due to failure in first year, cancellation, withdrawal, etc. of admission in first year) in a particular branch. After branch change, the intake must not be more than the approved intake.
  6. The branch change is not permitted for B.Tech. (CSE)/IMT/IMG first year students, after the last date of notification from academic cell about the closure of admission process.
  7. Option shall be deemed to have been availed off once the acceptance to that effect has been submitted by the student to the Academic Section. Option thus availed off is irreversible.
  8. Applying for a branch change option does not guarantee of being allowed the change.
  9. The consent of the parents is required in the prescribed form meant for the purpose (see Annexure-II). 




Application form for Branch change


Name of the student


Date of registration in the Institute


Email and mobile number


Hostel address


Home address including phone number



Program [IPG M. Tech. / IPG MBA / B. Tech. (CSE)]




Preference for branch change



Do you have any backlog in any subject in the previous semesters?


Do you have any disciplinary action pending against you?


Do you have any financial dues against you?


Parent’s consent is attached




I hereby declare that I have carefully read and understood the instructions for the branch change and all the information presented above is correct and true to my knowledge. I understand that a disciplinary action shall be initiated against me, if any information is found incorrect and/or half-truth.



Date:                                                                                            Signature and Name


------------------------------------------------------- For Office use only ----------------------------------------------


Recommendation of the branch change committee







Name(s), signature(s) with date

 Approval of the Dean (Academics)







Name, signature with date





Parent Consent Form

I hereby give my consent for my ward Mr./Ms.……………………………………………………………………………….of ……… Batch Roll No ……………………..studying in  B Tech (IT) + M Tech (IT)/ B Tech (IT) + MBA/B Tech (CSE) at ABV-IIITM Gwalior  to  opt for the branch change to IMT/IMG/BTech  programme  after completing first year (I & II semesters) as per institute rule.


Name of Parent:                                                           Signature & name of Student


Mobile No

Email Id: 


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