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Hostels and Infrastructure

Ques: How many students are put up in a room?

Ans: Every student, irrespective of course chosen is allotted a single room.

Ques:  How are hostel rooms equipped?

Ans: Hostel rooms are provided with single bed, study table, chair, fans and lights. Students are required to bring in their own bedding.

Ques: Are students allowed to keep electrical and instrumental gadgets in rooms?

Ans: Students need to make their own arrangements for air-coolers and room heaters, subject to permission from hostel authorities. Musical instruments are allowed to be kept inside hostel rooms, but caution must be exercised in using them. These equipments must not be a cause of disturbance to other boarders.

Ques: Are there computer facilities in hostels?

Ans: All four hostels (three for boys and one for girls) have a computer rooms with the round the clock access. In addition every student room has internet access.

Ques: Are students allowed to keep computers in their rooms?

Ans: Students are allowed to bring in their own computers in their room and use them.

Ques: Is having a personal computer necessary for every student of this institute?

Ans: No, it is not mandatory to have your own computer for studying in ABV-IIITM. Apart from the several laboratories, each hostel is provided with computer rooms and 24-hour internet access. A student might use a computer as per his/her requirement.

Ques: Do the hostels have hot water facility?

Ans: Hostel bathrooms are provided with geysers that supply hot water whenever required.

Ques:  Do hostels have telephone facilities?

Ans: Every hostel has a telephone to which parents may call to talk to their children. Students with the help of calling card could make local or STD calls from these trelephones.

Ques: What are the mess facilities like?

Ans: Every hostel has a mess that serves breakfast, lunch, evening tea, and dinner to its boarders. Food preparation is simple and hygienic. Items are predominantly vegetarian. These hostel canteen also sell fruit juice, confectioneries, and ice cream.

Ques: What are your mess timings?

Ans: Breakfast is served from 7:30 am till 9:30 am; lunch between 12:30 pm and 2:00 pm; evening tea from 5:30 pm to 6:30 pm; and dinner between 7:30 pm and 9:00 pm.

Ques: How are mess payments made?

Ans: Mess payments are made during registration at the beginning of a semester through completion of a form. By virtue of this completed form money gets transferred to mess' account. Adjustments, whatsoever, are made at the end of a semester.

Ques:  Are there any timings for hostels?

Ans: Girls' hostel maintains strict timings and no girl boarder is allowed out after 10 pm. Boys' hostels do not have such restrictions. However male students must return to the institute by midnight in case they venture out of campus.

Ques: What is the arrangement for drinking water in hostels?

Ans: Every hostel has arrangement for adequate drinking water round the clock. Water coolers and purifiers are installed in each hostel.

Ques: How is the power situation within the campus?

Ans: Power cuts are rare within the campus of ABV-IIITM. However, in case of power cuts there is power back-up for the entire campus. In times of power cuts, hostel lobbies and not hostel rooms are provided with power. Academic and administrative blocks, visitors' hostel, and faculty residences enjoy 24 hour power back-up.

Ques: What arrangements does the institute have for air-cooling/ air-conditioning?

Ans: All rooms, classrooms, halls, laboratories and library are centrally air-conditioned. Guest rooms at Visitors' Hostel and MDP Centre are also air-conditioned; so also the dining hall and seminar rooms of EDP Centre. Students might make their own arrangement for air-coolers for their individual rooms.

Ques: For any room problems what should a boarder do?

Ans: There are carpenters, electricians, plumbers, and housekeeping staff for looking after the needs of hostels, and hostel rooms. Residential warden and security guards at every hostel might be approached for reporting problems.

Ques: What are medical facilities like in ABV-IIITM?

Ans: Every hostel is provided with a first aid box. There is a four-bedded medical centre with a round the clock doctor and nurse on duty. Medicines are available from the dispensary of this medical centre. An ambulance remains stationed at the centre for carrying patients within the institute campus to outside.

Ques: What recreational facilities are there in these hostels?

Ans:  Each hostel is provided with a common room fitted with cable television. There is a reading room with sufficient collection of newspapers and magazine in both Hindi and English. Table tennis board and badminton court are provided in every hostel for passing time.

Ques: Are guests allowed inside hostels?

Ans: Parents, male relatives, and male friends are allowed inside boys' hostels subject to prior permission from hostel authorities. Similarly, parents, female relatives, and female friends are allowed in girls' hostel. Visitors might also put up in visitors' hostel subject to permission from respective authorities.

Ques: In cases of problems who is the person to be contacted?

Ans: Each hostel has its own chief warden and residential warden who need to be contacted for resolving issues pertaining to hostel accommodation and facilities.  

Ques: What steps need to be taken in case of emergencies?

Ans: This institute is fully residential with students, research scholars, faculty members, and even the director staying within the campus. In cases of emergencies peers, faculty members, and even the director could be contacted.

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