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Student Life

Ques: Apart from academics, how could a student remain occupied?

Ans: ABV-IIITM as an institute encourages all round development of its students. There are sporting activities, cultural events, literary pastimes, and technical happenings that provide students the much needed recreation to divert attention away from academics, at least temporarily.  

Ques: What about societies and clubs of this institute?

Ans: For inspiring its students in co-curricular activities, there are several clubs and communities in ABV-IIITM. MAD Club, La Vista, SFOSS (Students' Forum for Open Source Software) and Abhigyan Abhikaushlam Students' Forum for yoga and meditation are some of these communities operative in this institute. Each of these societies has their own set of objectives and well charted out functional areas. These clubs are managed by students under guidance of able faculty members, and is an opportunity for growing leadership and organizational qualities.

Ques:  What are the sports facilities in ABV-IIITM?

Ans: The sports facility of this institute is elaborate and comprehensive. We have a sports complex complete with swimming pool, gymnasium, basketball court, lawn tennis court, squash courts, badminton courts, table tennis boards, and billiards room. There is also an additional lawn tennis court, a football field and a cricket ground. In addition, every hostel is provided with a badminton court and table tennis board. An additional gymnasium and billiards table is provided in Boys' Hostel I.  

Ques: Apart from academics what other activities of interest are there?

Ans: There are several activities throughout the year to keep students occupied. Urja and Twaran are sports events, while Aurora is an annual cultural event. Infotsav an attempt to explore hidden talents in areas of information technology, and HIQ (highly intelligence quotient) for identifying potentially innovative individuals are held every year.

Ques: Is there any trainer for swimmers?

Ans: A trainer assists novices and beginners in taking swimming lessons.

Ques: What steps does the institute take against ragging?

Ans: The institute deals with ragging in any form with severity as it is totally banned.

Ques: Are there any restrictions in using the internet in ABV-IIITM?

Ans: Students are prohibited from accessing pornographic sites and content within institute's campus. Using of Torrents is forbidden and all flashing advertisements are blocked. Students are not allowed to use any other port except HTTP.  

Ques: Are students entitled to an E-mail ID in the institute's domain?

Ans:  Every ABV-IIITM student is provided an e-mail ID of the form xxxx[A]students.iiitm.ac.in. Students, in addition, are also provided with a personal website with URL http://students.iiitm.ac.in/roll no/.

Ques: Is there any restriction on using mobiles in this institute?

Ans:  There are no restrictions in using or carrying a mobile inside the campus. However its use is prohibited within classrooms and teaching sessions. Carrying of mobile handsets are not allowed inside examination halls.

Ques: How do students and faculty members interact?

Ans: Faculty members are easily accessible inside or outside classrooms. They might be approached for academic reasons or for any other issues. A room has been dedicated for such student – faculty interactions.

Ques: What should a student do in case he/she faces a problem?

Ans: Each student has a faculty coordinator for assistance of any kind, academics or otherwise. The faculty coordinator behaves as a parent and assists his/her ward for performing to the best of ability and interest.

Ques: Would inadequate knowledge in English become a drawback for a student? Are there ways by which a student might improve in English communication?

Ans: There is ample opportunity to become well-conversant in English as a student of ABV-IIITM. Students not only get an opportunity to learn this language from peers but also from their faculty. Classroom and laboratory sessions are in English, and students are groomed to give presentations also in this language.

Ques: Is there any scope of personality development while studying in this institute?

Ans:  This institute takes initiative in developing leadership skills among its students through interactive sessions and presentation programs. Students are encouraged not only to excel in academics but also in other co-curricular activities for an all-round development of personality and skills. Multiple recreational activities help in self-grooming among learners.

Ques: Would inadequate knowledge in computer operation be an obstacle for a student?

Ans: Though knowledge of computer operation is a distinct advantage for a learner, its inadequacy is never a detriment to studying in ABV-IIITM. There is sufficient scope of becoming conversant in using computers under guidance of teachers and batch mates. There are instances where students became experts in computer operation even though they had no knowledge of computer operations during admission to this institute.

Ques:  What kind of activities take place in this institute apart from academics?

Ans: Though academics is the focus area, considerable importance is given to other activities like sports, hobbies, and other healthy forms of recreation. Faculty members are always supportive

Ques:  Why is staying in hostels compulsory for students of this institute?

Ans: We believe a healthy environment induces better learning and all-round growth of personality and leadership qualities. Staying in a campus promotes fellow feeling and helps in developing qualities like teamwork, co-operation, and empathy.

Ques: Is there any special recognition for students excelling in sports?

Ans: ABV-IIITM organizes and participates in sporting activities and competitions even at a national level. This gives exposure to learners of this institute.  

Ques: How do ABV-IIITM students fare in competitive events at regional or national levels?

Ans: Students of this academy participate in different sports, cultural, technical, and literary events at both national and regional levels. Some of the events where students of this institute have participated with success include Great Indian Programming Challenge by Reliance, Secure Wars by Microsoft, TGMC by IBM, Google Code Jam, and ACM-ICPC.  

Ques: Could you provide some details of recent achievements?

Ans: In the last ACM-ICPC held in Kanpur, the students of SBV-IIITM received the winners prize. They also emerged champions in the Ekalavya Lord of Code Software Contest arranged by KReSIT (Kanwal Rekhi School of Information Technology), IIT Mumbai in association with Red Hat.

Ques: Are festivals celebrated in ABV-IIITM?

Ans:  Festivals like Holi, Diwali, and New Year's are celebrated with fervour and fun. Students and faculty members are equally participative on these occasions. Kite flying festival is a very popular festival in Gwalior.  

Ques: Is there any alumni association for this institute?

Ans: The alumnus of ABV-IIITM is active and takes progressive interest in the affairs of this institute. They publish 'Our Alma Mater', a magazine highlighting experiences and thoughts of ex-students of this institute.  

Ques: From where does one get current information about the institute?

Ans: Website of ABV-IIITM is the best place to get current information about the institute, its academic programs, campus life, students' facilities and so on. In addition, La Vista, an in-house magazine published annually, provides comprehensive information about this institute and its activities.

Ques: How is the general ambiance of the institute?

Ans: This institute has an amiable and healthy ambiance. The greenery of the campus is suitably complemented with friendly people all around. Faculty and staff members are ever helpful, and peers are co-operative. Food is safe and healthy, and the campus is well-maintained and tidy. Studying here is a fulfilling experience.

Ques:  What are the places of interest in Gwalior?

Ans: Gwalior is a historic place dating back to Buddhist period. Buddhist relics and caves are still existent on the hill slopes leading to Gwalior fort. This fort originally built by Raja Man Singh Tomar and later annexed by the Mughals is an exemplary example of Hindu architecture of 16th century. H.H. Jiyaji Rao Scindia Museum is a statement of class, elegance, and royalty of Indian kings. Gola ka Mandir or sun temple is a modern day edifice constructed by a leading Indian industrial group and draws devotees in hordes.

Ques: What are the options of entertainment in Gwalior?  

Ans: Like all other Indian cities, Gwalior too has several shopping malls, cinema halls, and restaurants. These are easily accessible by auto-rickshaws and tempos, which ply throughout the city and its outskirts. Indian Coffee House, McDonald's, Cafe Coffee Day, Dominos Pizza, and Salt-n-Pepper are some of the places to satisfy your culinary demands.

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